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2010 Volume: 7 Number: 2

Examination of Perceived Service Quality between fans with Low and High Level of Team Identification. The Case of a Professional Basketball Club

Hellenic Journal of Sport and Recreation Management    Year: 2010 Volume: 7 Number: 2

Authors: Achilleas Barlas, Athanasios Koustelios, & Nikolaos Theodorakis
Pages: 3-18

Researchers support that service quality dimensions positively influence sport customers’ attitudinal and behavioral loyalty, while more identified fans seems to have more positive perceptions regarding service quality issues. The purpose of this study was to examine the differences between highly and low identified spectators, regarding their service quality perceptions. The sample was drawn from spectators attended two basketball games on professional level in Greece. In total, 200 spectators participated in the study. Results indicated that spectators with high team identification levels tend to indicate positive perceptions of service quality, comparing to spectators with low team identification levels. Specifically, significant differences reported between low and high identified fans in “Facility”, “Reliability” and “Personnel” dimensions. Managers of professional sport teams should develop strategies that will increase fans’ psychological attachment to the team. They should also use the most appropriate marketing strategy for attracting fans from different segments according to their identification level.

Investigating the Influence of "Green School Yards Formation» to Environmental Awareness, to Learning, to Physical Fitness, to Social Health and to Mental Health of Primary School Students

Hellenic Journal of Sport and Recreation Management  Year: 2010 Volume: 7 Number: 2

Authors: Ioannis Garitsis, Charilaos Kouthouris, Aglaia Zafeiroudi, & Konstantinos Alexandris
Pages: 19-37

The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of primary school children about the impact of "green" school yards formation in their environmental awareness, learning and their physical, social and mental health. The survey involved 180 school children (85 boys and 95 girls) of the sixth class, from the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Imathia. They were selected by the degree of "green" formation of their school yards. The results of the tests (t-test) for independent samples showed that the gender did not affect student’s perceptions about their environmental awareness, learning and their physical, social, and mental health. The results of One Way Anova analysis showed that the degree of "green" school yards formation affects the perception of students on a) their environmental awareness (F (2,177) = 30.501, p <.05), their learning (F (2,177) = 26.798, p <.05), c) their physical health (F (2,177) = 23.851, p < .05), d) their social health (F (2,177) = 66.925, p <.05), and e) their mental health (F (2,177) = 31.336, p <.05). This research can be used to assess the effect of the characteristics and design of school yards to life and health of students and to the quality of the provided education.

Job Security and Job Satisfaction. The Case of Greek Traditional Dances

Hellenic Journal of Sport and Recreation Management  Year: 2010 Volume: 7 Number: 2

Authors: Dimitrios Goulimaris & Maria Genti
Pages: 38-50

The rising participation, mainly by adults in Greek traditional dances activities which cultural associations offer, has driven to the creation of a new job market for a great number of executives. The aim of the study was to research the correlation between job security and job satisfaction that feels the personnel of cultural associations which include activities with Greek traditional dances. The sample constituted 99 members of nonprofit cultural associations. The evaluations took place with the use of the questionnaires “Employee Satisfaction Inventory” of Koustelios and Bagiatis(1997) and “Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire” of Weiss, Dawis, England and Lofquist, (1967). The correlation analysis showed that there is a positive correlation between job security and some factors of job satisfaction. More specifically, job security has a positive correlation with “pay” (p<.05), “promotion” (p<.01), “supervisor” (p<.01) and with “cultural association in total” (p<.01). Using the organizational theories in new areas and cognitive issues like Greek traditional dance, arises that the managers of cultural associations should take under consideration job security as a factor that could promote job satisfaction and better outcome of the personnel.

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